Rudolph Bonaparte is Chairman and Senior Principal at Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia


In this webinar, the speaker will provide an update to his 2012 State-of-the-Practice paper “The Business of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering” (ASCE GeoCongress 2012 [GSP 226]). The webinar will: (1) provide a brief historical perspective on the role of geoprofessionals in the U.S. engineering and consulting (E&C) business sector; (2) examine the U.S. E&C business sector today and the role of geoprofessionals in it, including the relative maturity of the business sector; (3) consider the major earth resources, infrastructure, and environmental challenges facing society today and the important role that geoprofessionals can play in addressing them; (4) discuss five goals that are essential if geoprofessionals in the business sector are to achieve a transformative and not stagnant future; and (5) identify several challenges geoprofessionals face in trying to achieve these goals.

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